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GGS Bazaar by business club members

Even a small success can mean the world to us. High grades, a prize in a competition, or a small profit in business --- all give us a boost of happiness. Learners of Gajera Global School received a similar boost when they were distributed the profit they earned by selling merchandise at GGS bazaar on the day of the last PEM on 25 June 2022. They sold merchandise built in-house and earned a healthy profit so much so that we have decided to set up stall every PEM from now onwards.

In the stalls, learners of grades 6th to 12th who are members of the business club participated in the venture. The sales and marketing of the venture will be handled by the students themselves without any adult supervision. The items will be sourced locally taking sustainable development into consideration. The venture will give learners the foundational skills to start a business venture later in life.

To make the business a permanent running concern, separate social media accounts will be created for sales and marketing. As they graduate, subsequent batches will take up the baton and carry forward with the vision.

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