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Give Peace a Chance

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

Learners of Gajera Global School took a pledge to speak up against this social injustice

whenever and wherever they see it in practice. In observation of the day they hugged one

another and resolved to settle differences in an amicable manner no matter how emotionally charged they are. While observing, they learnt about the Peace Bell, which the United Nations Association of Japan donated in 1954. The bell is rung two times a year, once on the vernal equinox and the first day of spring, and the second time on September 21 to mark International Day of Peace.

Learners discussed the importance of keeping peace through a sesson on story-telling followed by a PPT presentation. They discussed how communication can resolve most of our differences bringing trnquillity into our homes, communities and countries. This year’s theme, as per the UN General Assembly This day has been designated by the UN General Assembly as one committed to advancing the values of peace through the observance of a 24-hour period of nonviolence and a cease-fire.

True peace, however, requires much more than putting down weapons. It necessitates the creation of cultures in which each individual feels able to flourish. It entails making a world where everyone is treated fairly, regardless of ethnicity. In keeping with its aims, the UN has declared “End racism. Build peace.” as its theme.

Even though racism has been outlawed in practically every country, it is nevertheless practised in secret and in public in subtle ways. Racial stereotypes and attitudes are strengthened by our words, our attitude of contempt towards a certain group of people, and the subliminal messages we consciously and unconsciously communicate. If you don't believe me, just take a quick look at the usernames on Twitter and the comments on Facebook and YouTube. Another illustration of the pervasive racism present in all spheres of society is the most recent controversy around the choice of Halle Berry, a black actor, to play the Mermaid.

The stereotypes will undoubtedly take some time to eradicate, but we must struggle to put an end to them. With widespread racism, our rhetoric of peace and prosperity will ring hollow while a segment of society fights for the right to live in dignity.

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