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Grand Parents Day Celebration at GGS.

Happy are the children who have grandparents at home. Grandparents love their grandchildren unconditionally. With their endless love and wisdom, children learn life lessons that have far- reaching ramifications later in their lives. And who can better protect them from their parents’ sermons and boring lectures? Grandparents, naturally!

To give learners an opportunity to show how much they love their grannies and granddads, GGS organized Grandparent’s Day at school today. They took part in various games and activities like guessing the music, singing a song with a random word picked from a bowl, a dance performance and naturally, garba. The happy smiles on their faces spoke volumes about how happy they were to be together.

In actuality, the majority of grandparents simply want to spend time with their grandchildren and don't care what they do. To make them wholesome, we may ask our grandparents to demonstrate one of their favorite pastimes. Or we may let your grandparents show us how to fish. We could just go on nature excursions or garden walks with them. By being with them and sharing happiness, we can make one another wholesome.

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