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Grandparents’ Day Celebration @GGS

Today learners of the prep grades at GGS celebrated Grandparents’ Day online by spending some quality time together. Doting grandparents staying in places as far away as West Bengal, Haryana and Madhya Pradesh were also able to join their grandchildren. Some joined the online celebrations from Bhavnagar also. They shared stories, played online musical games and talked about the benefits of staying together as a close-knit family.

The online celebration was made possible by technology which brought them together.

While it is true that the Internet and the smart phone have turned us into recluses, on occasions like this, we appreciate their benefits and utility. Now one may face-time and remove the distance that separates us from one another. In fact, it brought three generations together in the celebrations.

Grandparents who had been away from their grandchildren for a while appreciated the initiative taken by the school to celebrate the day. The happiness they had when together was one great experience they would never forget.

The celebrations ended with learners thanking grandparents for joining the session.

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