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Halfway Through: First Term Open House

Parents and learners of all the grades took stock of their ward’s progress in the Parent-Teacher Meet held today after the half yearly examination concluded last month.

As usual, we witnessed quite a healthy footfall as eager parents thronged the school premises since morning. They were shown the progress reports and the feedback after evaluation. Apart from the PEM, parents were also informed of the day boarding school we are starting for busy parents who need to keep their wards in a safe and sound environment while they are busy at work. In the day boarding school, learners will be provided rest, coaching, and snacks along with activities they choose.

We also invited parents to join the diya and rangoli making competition to be held on 19 October. Parents showed a healthy interest in the activity and many have expressed their interest in joining the competition, which has been traditionally held at GGS before every diwali.

The progress report of the learners have been shared with the parents to keep parents and guardians involved in the learners’ educational and overall development. The fact that parents make up the third side of the triangle that is made up of educators and students underscores the critical relevance of this relationship. We look forward to cooperation and partnership from parents and we can boast of a healthy relationship.

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