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Halfway Through: the Second PEM

Parents and learners of all the grades took stock of their ward’s progress the second time in the Parent-Teacher Meet held few days ago after the half yearly examination concluded in September.

As usual, we witnessed quite a healthy footfall as eager parents thronged the school premises since morning. They were shown the progress reports and the feedback after evaluation. Apart from the PEM, parents were also informed of the rifle shooting range we are starting from 1 December. The shooting range will prepare young aspirants to prepare for a career in shooting. Open to all above the age of twelve, the shooting classes will come at a discount for learners of Gajera Global School.

Parents were also informed of the thorwball and the cricket tournament to be held in December for parents. The throwball competition will be helf for women and the cricket tournament is meant for fathers. The tournament will give parents a much needed family time together in the midst of a busy life. For mothers, we have planned a separate training session to prep them for the battle.

Parents were also informed of the upcoming Periodic Test examination.

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