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How to Find Your Niche

We need a country of entrepreneurs, or in simple words, problem solvers. With all the cutting-edge products that alter how we do things, they improve the quality of life for everyone. We owe them a special debt of appreciation for expediting our travel, enhancing the quality of our food, and facilitating quick communication. TiE has a wide range of programmes to assist young entrepreneurs in learning and raising capital for their business initiatives in order to foster such problem solvers. Yesterday at Gajera Global School, TiE hosted a session to assist students in finding their profitable niche in partnership with Sunita's Makerspace and Gajera Global School.

The workshop was led by Trustee Ms Kinjal Gajera, the head of the Surat chapter of TiE. Ms. Gajera is the Founder CEO of CSK Ventures and the CSR Head at Laxmi Diamond. She keeps Sunita’s Makerspace close to her heart as was born out of her desire to find the genius in children.

Mr. Jay Krushna Lilawala, the founder and CEO of Opicxo, a search engine and marketplace for photographers and videographers, attended the session. He is a writer as well, and in 2019 he represented India at the World Forum Foundation in Macao.

Along with him was Dr. Nitin Dumasia, the CEO of Growlity Inc. He received a recent Honorary Doctorate (PhD) in ESG & Business Sustainability Management despite having a B.Tech. degree from the United States.

Miss Bhagyashree Soni, the founder and CEO of the organisation that promotes menstrual hygiene called VB Wellness Pvt Ltd, was another visitor who spoke with the students today.

These industry leaders and experts in their fields talked with learners and showed how they can take up an ordinary idea and turn it into a profitable enterprise. They stressed the importance of making a profitable system instead of focusing on the idea or the product. They said that the product in a business organisation sits at the top of the business pyramid and a good system, can sell any product it chooses to sell. The workshop left learners confident and clear about the business they may start later.

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