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In Loving Memory of the Trustee Mrs Sunita Chunibhai Gajera

Today the entire Gajera Family remembered Late Trustee Mrs Sunita Chunibhai Gajera whose loving words and smile were fondly recalled. Known for her simplicity and down-to-earth attitude to life, she was a mother to all and her blessings always motivated us to strive harder and excel in everything we undertook. It was her creativity and love for innovation that led to the genesis of Sunita’s Makerspace. Sunita’s Makerspace takes it upon itself to train and educate the learner of the 21st century who needs a variety of intellectual and spiritual tools to succeed in life.

We celebrate her birthday every year as Maker’s Day that brings together makers from all walks of life. They create and conceive newer and better ways of doing things. It is one of the biggest celebrations of innovation, creativity, business skills and social responsibility. This year too the Maker’s Day was celebrated with the theme Make Your Space.

Today the birthday observance started with a tribute to her in the morning assembly. Learners paid a floral tribute to her and recalled her many interactions with learners of the school. Making her birthday more meaningful, three different eye donation camps were organized today in which spectacles were given away free after a free eye-checkup.

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