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Inspirational interactive session with the youngest female commercial Pilot Ms. Maitri Patel

Updated: Oct 29, 2021

Confidence Gives Us Wings: Literally nothing inspires us more than success. More so, when the success is achieved by someone as young as Ms. Maitri Patel. At present, she is the youngest female commercial pilot at nineteen which is not the only milestone she has crossed. The other milestone is that she flew the required number of flight hours in eleven instead of the stipulated eighteen months. So we thought our learners will be inspired talking with her for which we had a talk show on 8 October 2021 on the occasion of Air Force Day.

After the talk show, learners of grades 6th through 12th interacted with her. She talked about her journey, how she became a pilot, the challenges she faced and how she coped up with the intense training needed to become a pilot.

But it was not a bed of roses for her. Her father took the leap of faith to make her dreams come true. The father-daughter duo would rise everyday 3 in the morning and drive three hours from Surat to Mumbai to do simulation training.

His tenacity and Maitri's determination were the only fire that razed all obstacles to the ground. Their incredible bond is something that would make one proud. She would fly her friends, parents, and family giving them an experience of a lifetime. The story of her struggle and rise to success are permanent souces. People like her prove that you don't need to be born with a silver spoon to reach your goals. A razing fire in the belly is all we need.

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