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Indoor Sports Day @GGS

Learners of grades 6th through 8th took the opportunity to take part in an Indoor Sports Meet in which competitions on four different sports were held. Learners took part in four different sports — chess, badminton, carrom and table tennis. The sports day was held to give learners much needed physical exertion. This year, due to covid restrictions, mass gatherings were not possible. But with the restrictions lifted, we are slowly coming back to doing all the activities.

All the games were played simultaneously in the indoor stadium in the school. Some learners joined the clash of the intellect which some others chose to test their reflexes in badminton and table tennis. Carrom tested their coordination and motor skills. The events lasted for the day until the end of which certificates and medals were given away to the winners. The exam season is around the corner, the activities were wrapped up as quickly as possible.

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