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Inspirational, Interactive Session with Trustee Ms Kinjal Gajera

Learners of GGS on Saturday had an informal coffee session with Trustee Ms Kinjal Gajera, who from time to time finds time to spend with learners of the school. She met with the learners of grades 10th and 11th and discussed what they have planned for their careers. The topics of discussion veered from career to movies to hobbies and NFTs, the latest financial tool that is creating ripples all over the world. She shared her experience as a young woman who surprised everyone by disclosing how she worked as a diamond cutter.

Learners too did not give up any chance to speak their minds to the young business leader. They had a healthy discussion on how nations and cultures could thrive economically if they put their act together and live up to the expectations of the common public. The Trustee regaled all the students with her wide-ranging knowledge and experience which she amassed through travel and continuous education. She said that learning could never stop considering how the global economy works at present. Young children must go on learning forever to keep abreast of the sweeping changes occurring in sciencthe e and technology, she said. She allayed fears about loss of jobs by saying that a temporary turmoil occurs wherever there is a big change. During the Industrial Revolution too, many feared losing jobs. But the economy went on taking bigger strides.

In the coming days too, newer jobs and better opportunities will be created. We just need to be prepared for them. The informal session lasted for about a couple of hours and students expressed their willingness to meet with her in the near future too.

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