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Interactive Session with Trustee Ms Kinjal Gajera

Members of the Focused Parents group met with Trustee Ms Kinjal Gajera to discuss the future plans of the school. Every year, before the commencement of the academic session, the trustee meets with the focused parents' group and shares ideas for the development of the learners and the school. She discussed how changes in pedagogy can be made to make learning more interactive and impactful.

The ‘Focussed Parents’ group was formed to keep parents informed of the school’s plans and strategies for learners’ holistic development. Since they form one of the most important sides of the education system, we take their valuable inputs before deciding on our future steps. Apart from discussing future strategies, they talked briefly about activities that can help learners engage and interest in learning. Some parents came with suggestions that open-air teaching is adopted, which already is a practice in our school. The meeting ended with a commitment to more collaboration with parents.

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