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Dance is more than just an art form; it is a way to express oneself, to feel, to love, to laugh, and to forget about one's concerns. Dance has always been a way of making people happy. It has been said from ancient times that it is a religious art form with a deep meaning. There are hundreds of different dancing styles around the world.

To honour this diversity, the International Dance Committee established International Dance Day in 1982 and its date of 29th April was chosen to commemorate the birthday of Jean-Georges noverre, creator of modern ballet.

The goals of international dance day are to unite the world of dance, to pay tribute to dance, to celebrate it’s universality, crossing all political, cultural and ethnic barriers and make it a universal language. This day is unique as it honours dancers from all over the world and brings them together to share their passion for the arts.

To celebrate this day at GGS an interactive session was held. Renowned kathak dancer Smt. Pratibha Acharya graced the occasion who interacted with the learners of grades 6 to 8th. They discussed the journey she has undertaken until now and learnt how she has made a mark in the field. She was happy to share her experience and feelings with the young learners of the school. She said that one may choose it as a hobby as it helps keep one fit and fine, both physically and spiritually. She opened that dancing give a joy that only a dancer can experience.

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