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International Yoga Day

You’re walking along the road and suddenly you drop your phone. You bend down to pick it up, and then you realize that something as simple and bending down to pick up your phone seems so difficult and painful. Your back is stiff, your knees hurt and it takes about half a minute to bend, pick up the phone and get up. Now try doing jumping jacks, or do a dance move with your daughter? Your knees cry out in pain.

If any of these is happening to you, get that yoga mat collecting dust, flex those stubborn muscles and lose some weight. And what better day than today to start? Today being the International Day of Yoga, let’s take the pledge to incorporate yoga in our daily lives for our own health and well-being. And let me tell you, you’ll not regret this decision. You’ll understand this when someone compliments you for your young skin and flexible body in spite of your age.

But don’t wait until you’re old. Even the young need to keep to a strict regimen when it comes to health. Just stretch those muscles and keep knee pain and stiffness at bay.

We at GGS too have taken a pledge to include yoga in our daily lives in the assembly today. All the educators, parents, learners, along with Trustee Ms. Kinjal Chunibhai Gajera and Principal Mrs. Shweta Parihar, bent and stretched, and promised to ourselves to be regular at it. Because we do need a calm mind and a strong body to fight back when diseases and germs attack us. And if you didn’t know, yoga has helped psycho-social care and rehabilitation of COVID-19 patients in quarantine and isolation, as per the United Nations (

So happy yoga. Will see you back next year as a younger person.

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