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It’s all about STEM

There's a lot of excitement about STEM right now, and you might be wondering what this is all about, powers to get it right? It turns out that science, technology, design and manufacturing and math (STEM) education is crucial for preparing students for a successful career. Here are five reasons to prioritize STEM training in 2021.

1. Innovation and Critical Thinking:

It teaches that thinking and inventiveness alone do not guarantee a career. The main place for logical thought processes and for answering questions allows students to develop the necessary problem solving skills for tomorrow’s problems.

2. Project Management Skill:

In the STEM training process, students learn to divide their time and break larger projects into smaller steps. It is a unique opportunity for teamwork. Living and working on the earth today usually requires a certain amount of collaboration, often with a very large and diverse group of people. STEM teaching often has more group activities to do than other school assignments.

3. STEM Economy and Workplace:

Employment in STEM is expected to increase by 8.8% by 2028, and the health professions, which generally require a strong STEM position, are expected to go even higher. Meanwhile, non-STEM work will only increase by 5%. Additionally, jobs that require a STEM position tend to offer solid salaries.

According to the US Department of Labour, STEM employees earned an average of $ 86,980 in 2019.

4. Tech Proficiency:

Recent events have only made tech expertise and performance even more important the current pandemic has only increased the importance of technology. As more people climb the stairs quickly and use devices to get things done fast and right, to connect with family members and nearby workers, getting students to do what it takes to use the things needed and undergo growth technology, STEM will continue to grow.

-By Shefali Kholwadwala

3D/Robotics Educator

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