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Janmashtami 2022

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

Learners of grades 1 st through 5 th celebrated Janmashtami today to mark the birthday of boy-GodKrishna. We celebrate this festival to mark the birthday of one of the most well-known Hindu deities.Lovingly called lalla, gopal and daivaki nandan he is believed to have been born in 3228 BC.Dressed in colourful and vibrant attire, the young learners enacted Krishna’s eventful birth scenewhen he had to be carried away to safety to protect him from his tyrannous uncle King Kansa. Hewas the eight child that were born to Yashoda that tumultuous night in Kansa’s prison. Later, thisnaughty boy-God saved his community from many a trouble.

Young learners at GGS shared stories of how fond he was of butter and milk and how he worried hismother Daivaki, how she’d run around in Brindavan shouting ‘nand lala'.They enacted the event inwhich bal-Krishna tamed Kaliyo, a snake with multiple mouths that oppressed the residents ofVrindavan. They also shared stories of how he later came to be known as giridhar.Culminating the celebrations, learners formed a human pyramid. Buttermilk was placed in a handiand a child broke out to drink Lord Krishna’s favourite drink.

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