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Kidathon 2022 at Gajera Global School, Pal

On the occasion of Children’s Day today, Gajera Global School, organised Kidathon 2022 for children from ages of two to nine. More than 1200 young children took part in the race turning it into one of the most successful events held for children so young. The Kidathon was preceded by an inauguration ceremony of the newly established playground at GGS. The playground is an addtion to the already existing state-of-the art facilities at the school.

The Kidathon started at around 7:30 in the morning when the Principal welcomed the

participants, their parents and dignitaries including Trustees Mr Chunni Bhai Gajera and Ms.Kinjal Gajera.

The distinguished guests included Mr David Paul, Director of Physical Education. Youth

Welfare & Physical Education, VNSGU, Dr Jhanvi Icchaporia, Assistant Director of Physical Education, Auro University, Mr Chetan Patel, District Sports Development Officer, Surat and Bhagirath Parmar, DPO, Navsari Sashan Adhikari.

Simultaneously with the Kidathon, a kabaddi match for fathers and a kho kho match for mothers were arranged to engage the visiting parents. The kidathon was followed by the prize distribution ceremony. Trophies were given away to the first, second and third position winners while those who secured the fourth and the fifth positions were given away medals. All the participants received a certificate of participation. The event ended with Trustee Ms Kinjal Gajera offering the vote of thanks to the dignitaries, parents and children present.

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