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Know Thyself : Spiritual Science Webinar @GGS

The first step to understanding the world is to know oneself, as the ancient wisdom goes. It says that knowing our innermost feelings and the subconscious mind, we can know others better which in turn helps us connect with others better. In fact, it can be a healing experience for us if we can do it. Ancient Indian teachings, and the practice of yoga have similar effects on the mind and the body.

Because of our demands from the workplace, home and family, many of us have forgotten how to connect to our inner selves leaving us stressed. Very often we don’t know how to take proactive steps to harmony and happiness. To show our learners how to reconnect with our spiritual selves, Dr Prof Kruti Vajir, an entrepreneur, healer and naturopath, was invited to give a talk on spiritual healing and reconnecting with the spirit. ,A healer and a teacher with a wide range of experience and education, she showed our learners how to remain calm, observant and receptive in spite of all the action going on around them.

With the skills she taught, we may improve our observation skills leading to creativity and a better problem solving aptitude.

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