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Lead from the Front

There’s a saying that a team is only as good as its leader. The leader brings the best out in the team members. They take decisions, steer the course, and motivate people to achieve the impossible. Take for example, the struggle for India’s independence. Whenever we talk about India’s struggle for freedom, Mahatma Gandhi’s name invariably comes to our minds. Or for that matter, think Nelson Mandela.

These leaders have become icons because of their leadership. They started with a humble mission. The mission ultimately led them to greatness. We still want leaders like them in all walks of life. We will surely take our nation to greater heights if we have a trained army of able leaders. With this in mind, GGS entrusts its learners with roles and autonomy to make decisions on various matters of the school.

We put them in charge of making decisions that affect them and the school. Of course their decisions must be in line with the school’s policies.

Today learners took the oath of office as captains of four different houses. Before the oath taking ceremony, guests Mr Girish Selor and Mr Kriti Modh handed over the flags to the house captains. They will work together to make the visions and mission of the school come true. True to their names, —Discoverers, Adventurers, Explorers and Challengers— they will explore, discover, and challenge the status quo and bring adventure to the students’ lives.

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