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Learn and Fun resumes @GGS after Summer Vacation

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After almost a month long vacation, learners of GGS returned to school today. The school had been waiting eagerly with a warm welcome to have them back. Though it’s been a year since learning has gone online, regular classes have kept the bond between learners and educators intact through the warmth educators shower on them.

The day started with learners talking about their experiences during the vacation. Some picked up a new skill, some recreated ordinary objects and gave them a new look and meaning, while some others improved on their foreign language skills. Japanese, French, and Korean seemed to be some of the languages learners worked on. They also talked about animate characters. Sketching them has become one of the favorite activities of this generation. K-pop also seemed to have become a new love for many. Some others chose to watch English television series to improve their language skills. Overall, it was a productive time as the new situation has confined them to their homes.

While grades 1st to 10th learners discussed how they spent the vacation, prep learners celebrated World Milk Day. They learnt how different dishes can be made out of milk and milk products. They also prepared a dish using dairy products. The celebration being online, and learners being at home, they were able to access the ingredients with help from their parents.

The welcome activities done today at school showed how to make the best out of any situation. Classes are online, learners are at home—yet the activities went on as usual, displaying the GGS spirit.

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