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Learn- Unlearn- Relearn

Updated: May 31, 2021

Educators Development Programs @GGS

10000 Hours Is All You Need

‘I'm not afraid of the man who has learnt ten thousand different moves. I'm afraid of the man who has practised the same move ten thousand times.’ --- Bruce Lee

When we do something repeatedly, the moves and actions are implanted in our muscle memory. That's how we learnt walking and running and all the mechanical actions we do without.

For educators too, teaching needs to be as instinctive as martial artist or the dancer or the athlete. To that end, we need only one thing, train, train and train. To have our educators learn, unlearn and relearn, we organised a three-day training programme for them. They interacted with experts about the best practices and picked up newer and better tips and tricks suitable for twenty-first century learners.

The experts discussed a few interactive software that can facilitate learning in the online environment. While some of them were new to educators, some others have already been tried and tested by our educators. These online multi-user platforms can boost engagement in spite of the physical distance the current situation has put in place between the learner and the educator, and using them is the need of the hour. Unless were adapt and adopt, teaching in the new age will remain a challenge. However, the continuous training programme we have will definitely equip our educators with the requisite skills and knowledge.

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