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With due permission from the Government of Gujarat to start school for learners of 1st through 5th grades, Gajera Global School at Pal resumed in person classes today after a gap of about two years. Learners were accorded a warm welcome with drumbeats, tilaks, flowers and performers dressed as their favorite cartoon characters.

It was noted that learners were happy to have come back to school and so were educators. Being the first day, they were acquainted with the do's and don’ts of COVID protocols.

It must be noted that all COVID SOPs have been put in place to keep learners safe and healthy. Sanitizers, thermal screening and hand-washers have been installed at strategic points in the school premises. Study tables inside the classrooms have been placed three-feet apart to ensure social distancing.

Wearing masks has been made mandatory both for educators and learners. The entire school building was sanitized the previous day while tables are being periodically sanitized. All the educators have been inoculated with both the doses of the COVID vaccine to rule out any concerns parents and learners may have.

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