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Let's see the sunny side; Benefits of Online Learning

Like it or not, learning will be online for a while. There’s no denying this fact. As long as the new monster is not tamed, a screen, the Internet and presentations will remain the order of the day. So then let's count the blessings.

Number one - the earth is breathing a sigh of relief as school buses and parents' vehicles are off the road causing less congestion. Fewer cars on the road have made room for all those poor critters who went into hiding for fear of harm. The air has become breathable with the smokescreen lifting.

Secondly, the use of paper has seen a drastic reduction. Most of the work being done online, information is now shared more as soft copies, in the cloud. Your email ID has now become a key to a vast repertoire of knowledge and information. Whatever information or book you want to access, just log in. No need to go out and buy a bulky book. Don’t need to print, just send a picture or a PDF or doc file, you're done.

Lastly, feedback has become instantaneous. Immediately after writing a test, you get your feedback. It gives you a clear picture of where you stand, what you need to do to improve and also your strengths. More importantly, it leaves you with more time to better, as assessment happens on the spot.

This challenge has brought out some best things in technology and teaching. We believe, using these tools smartly will help us learn better and teach better.

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