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Maker’s Day 2021 on the theme- Mother Nature

Maker’s Day 2021 was held at the school premises today on 7 October. Maker’s Day is held every year to honour creativity, sensitivity, innovation and collaboration under the aegis of Sunita’s Makerspace. This year, the motif of the event was Mother Nature, because we believe that sensitivity to nature is one of the hallmarks of a responsible person. Considering the drastic changes the climate is going through, creating awareness about the environment has become all the more crucial.

The competition took off with the lamp lighting ceremony in the presence of Trustee Shree Chunibhai H. Gajera and all the dignitaries who graced the occasion with his presence. The lamp-lighting was immediately followed by the Navratri Ghat Sthapna as the festive occasion of nine days has started. The competitions in different categories—Innovation, Creativity, Social and Synergy were next in order. Since morning we witnessed a healthy footfall with parents and learners thronging the stalls. Leaners put up their products in their stalls created with eco-friendly materials. The uniqueness of the products prompted many of our parents to buy the products.

All the competitions were held simultaneously in the school premises. Dance, poetry recitation, the quiz competition, the exhibition, all went on smoothly through the day. The prizes were given away today itself after the competition. Today, only the second and the third prizes were given away in all the categories with the first prize on hold for 10 October, Sunday.

The winners will be honoured by MP and State President of the Bharatiya Janata Party, Mr. CR Patil at the Sanjeev Kumar Auditorium.

This year’s highlight is the Gyanam competition which was held for educators. Educators from all the schools managed by the Gajera Trust participated in the competition. The winners of Gyanam also will be honoured at the Sanjeev Kumar Auditorium on 10 October, Sunday.

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