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Maker's Day Orientation Programme @GGS

Maker's Day is approaching, and we're gearing up for it once more. On this day, Sunita Ma'am, the late trustee of the Smt. Shantabhen Haribhai Gajera Trust, is remembered. As in past years, all of the Trust's schools will take part in the festivities, with children demonstrating their artistic abilities and skills.

This year's theme is Mother Nature. The learners' work will revolve around this theme. We have four categories: innovation, creativity, social, and synergy. Learners will use nature as inspiration to write poems, make sculptures, and create animations to reveal their creativity.

This year, only three finalists from each school will participate in the event. They'll all gather at Gajera Global School on 9th October. The results will be out on 12th October.

The orientation for the grand festivities began on September 17th, during which educators instructed learners on how to register for the competition. The competition's rules and regulations were explained to them. Like previous years, this year too each learner is restricted to participate in two events only.

And competition's main attraction would be the fest corner in which learners will sell their merchandise. The highest grosser will be the winner.

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