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Winners of Online Taekwondo Competition

Martial Arts has always fascinated us because of the superhuman antics a martial artist can perform. Breaking wood panels, kicking an object seven feet up in the air, or bending a spear with the soft muscle of the neck—these things are child’s play for martial artists of Shaolin Temple in China. Children as young as five join these tough courses, and come out warriors some of whom can spear a needle through glass and break a balloon on the other side. Apart from turning humans supernatural, they keep the body healthy and fit, beating any disease that may attack us.

Eating healthy and keeping fit have never been so important than during the pandemic. Children were confined indoors with no physical activity. To bring them back into the active mode, the Taekwondo Association of Rural Surat held an online competition on 26 January 2021.

Learners of Gajera Global School made us proud by winning various positions in the tournament. Gold medals were won by Kiaan Patel of grade 3rd in the sub-junior category and Dhanya Balchander of grade 4th while Sakshi Lakhwani of grade 6th and Henshi Patel of grade 1st won the silver. From grade 3rd , Anwesha Nirmal won a bronze medal in the competition.

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