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Master Chef GGS 2022

A flameless cooking competition called Master Chef GGS 2022 was held today for the learners of grades 1st through 12th to encourage learners to acquire life skills like cooking. Skills of any kind make us better humans by making us self-reliant and confident. Confidence in life skills such as cooking can spill over into other areas of our lives. A person who cooks well is no less than an artist, the only difference being that a cook creates magic in the kitchen with food. This kind of activity makes learning stay with learners forever, turning them into self-reliant individuals who can take decisions for themselves, think creatively, and solve problems.

Learners presented their dishes in unique ways with creative names. Sweets, spicy dishes, pizzas, and drinks filled the tables while filling the hearts and bellies of judges and visitors. The mojitos did their bit by bringing the temperature down for them, and the fruit salads prepped them for the sumptuous lunch that was soon to follow in the cafeteria.

Everyday food items like bread, gems, candies, corn, and pani puris, when accessorised with other tasty ingredients, became mouthwatering dishes. Not only did they appeal to the taste buds, but also to the ears with their unique names. Some were quite a mouthful, coming from young children. In summary, one must conclude that picking the best dish was no easy task, as each of the competitors put their best foot forward to come out winners.

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