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Mother’s Day Celebration by GGS Learners

Don’t you find it curious that everywhere in the world, we use almost the same word to address our mothers. Ma, mom, mammon (French), ima (Hebrew and Manipuri), mummy, mamma (Italian) —it’s as if a divine connection exists between mother and child. Some would say it’s the easiest word for a child to say and that’ why children all over the world use it to connect with the one who carries them in her womb for nine months.

In fact, if you pause and think, the process of life itself is curious — a single cell turning into a complex organism of millions of cells and a mind of its own. Since a mother’s womb is the seat of this miracle, children somehow come to use the same word to address her.

We celebrate this beautiful relationship on Mother’s Day every year. Cakes are cut, praises are sung, cards and gifts are given. But we say we need to celebrate this day almost every day, because a relationship is something to be lived and shared. Instead of celebrating it for one day, we can make her feel great every day. Just recall her calling you multiple times just to make sure you’ve had your meals; recall the days when she waited on you as you lay ill in bed; recall the days when she’d pull away your dirty clothes to wash. Just think of the days and years she nursed you as when you were entirely dependent on someone else’s benevolence. We believe these are reasons enough to make every day special for your mother.

Of course, there are bumps on the road. As a teenager, you may fight with your mom, but as an adult, you’ll lean on her for her innate wisdom. The wisdom you may glean from her may never be replaced by any book or sage. She has that uncanny ability to guide her child to the right path. So cherish it and build it strong so that you may build your own children’s foundation on it.

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