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Stories that Touch the Heart: Nani ki Kahaniya

Communication skills are the pillars on which much of our success depends. They help us tell the world what we are capable of. Without them, our skills remain clouded in darkness in spite of being the best in class. At Gajera, all our activities and competitions center around developing this career building skill.

One such competition was held at GGS today for the learners of grades 1st to 5th. Titled Nani ki Kahaniya, learners told stories through role play and enactment, reliving the age-old stories that shaped their formative years. Learners dressed up as a character of their choice and played their chosen roles on stage.

It gave them a training ground to fight shyness and stage-fright, which hamper our progress, though we may find it difficult to admit. Another benefit of the exercise was the improvement of listening skills as learners had to listen to make sense of what the speaker was saying.

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