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National Bird Day

On the occasion of National Bird Day, Gajera Global School held a workshop for prep learners on January 5, 2023. The workshop was led by the school's art mentor, who guided the learners in creating their own bird feeders.

This activity was designed to teach sensitivity and care toward our avian friends. As the learners worked on their bird feeders, they learned about the importance of protecting and preserving the habitats of these beautiful creatures. The art mentor shared some interesting facts about different bird species and the challenges they face, such as habitat destruction and climate change.

The workshop was a hands-on experience for the learners, as they got to work with materials such as paint, glue, and recycled materials to craft their own bird feeders. The art mentor provided step-by-step instructions and offered assistance when needed, helping the learners to complete their projects successfully.

The learners were fully engaged in the activity, using their creativity and artistic skills to create unique and functional bird feeders. They were excited to see their finished products and couldn't wait to hang them up in their gardens or balconies to attract birds.

The workshop was a meaningful and fun way for the prep learners at Gajera Global School to celebrate National Bird Day. It was a reminder of the importance of protecting and caring for the natural world and the vital role that birds play in our ecosystem. The learners left the workshop with a greater appreciation for birds and a desire to do their part in helping to preserve their habitats.

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