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National Mathematics Day Celebration @GGS

IRR, debt-equity ratio, PE ratio, interest rates—turn on any business channel any time of the day and the anchors will throw these numbers at you. If you are an entrepreneur or a business person, you will understand them because these numbers are the lifeblood of any business or corporation. Get them right, you thrive. Get them wrong, your finances suffer. You just cannot avoid learning them.

Since numbers are so important for finance and business, learners need to grasp them at an early age. The sooner they learn these concepts, the better will they perform in competitive exams and in their career.

To inculcate love and fascination for numbers and mathematics, learners of GGS today celebrated Mathematics Day by organizing games, projects and puzzles. They organized interactive game shows and stalls and explained complicated mathematical principles in easy to understand activities and games. The celebrations started with a special assembly. It was followed by an exhibition set up by learners. Learners joined the exhibition in batches.

While celebrating Math Day may not make one a math genius, they show learners how they affect our lives and finances. They also throw light on little known tricks and tips that can help us calculate like a genius.

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