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National Science Day @GGS

Since 1986, India has been observing national science day to mark the discovery of the Raman Effect by Indian scientist CV Raman. The observance aims to create interest in science and develop a scientific temperament at an early age.

To celebrate National Science Day, Learners at GGS conducted surveys on various topics. They have done research on various topics and come up with innovative and discuss possible sustainable solutions. After the brainstorming activities, learners made presentations on their topics and discussed amongst themselves.

This year's theme fits the school's vision perfectly as we have already declared ourselves as a green school dedicated to indicating a sense of responsibility and care for nature in the minds of the young.

To this end, we have taken steps like making green education a part of the core curriculum, redesigning our premises as a green campus. The celebrations today drew our attention to issues like climate change and global warming, which can be solved with a sustainable approach to science and technology.

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