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National Sports Day-In Their Skin

Learners of GGS celebrated Sports Day today by recalling the excellent performance Indian sportspersons showed at the recently held commonwealth games in London. Children came dressed in their favourite sportsperson’s attire and talked about their lives and achievements throughout their careers. They enacted the roles and informed everyone of the struggle they went through.

To mark the occasion, different games were played in the indoor stadium. The entire day was marked by different batches of learners vying for glory and the satisfaction of winning a game. Though all the games were of friendly nature, players put relentless pressure on their opponents to win.

The day coincided with the football tournament that started on 28 August organised by SM Academy at GGS. On the second day, the GGS football team in the under 13 category secured their place in the finals by defeating Balpreet Football Club by scoring a single goal with the first kick in the match. Aryan Sheta of GGS kicked the ball home to take the team to the finals.

With the right emphasis on sports India can become a superpower in the field by nurturing these young players from an early stage.

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