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Navaratri: The Penultimate Day

Updated: Oct 29, 2021

Nine days of festivities ended today with learners of GGS with the final offering to the ninth avatar of Goddess durga. On the occasion, learners took part in the traditional garbha celebration which was preceded by the customary aarti. While learners from grades 1st through 5th celebrated the occasion online, others up to the senior most grade had fun at school.

The assembly ground of the school took on a colourful turn/turned into a multicolour tapestry as both learners and educators came dressed in their traditional attire. Sequined ghaghras, kediyus, chorns, and dhotis matched the colourful celebration of the occasion.

As part of the tradition, educators contributed to the prasadam, which were served to the learners after the havan. The havan was done in the hope of gaining blessings from the goddess. While the celebration was in progress, judges went around and looked for the best khelaiya among them. The learners in best attire & best khelaiya were awarded the certificates.

After the Navaratri, Dussherra will follow with the symbolic decimation of evil.

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