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New World New Ways

Before the pandemic, one of our primary concerns was how to leverage technology to deliver lessons more effectively. We installed smartboards, projectors, and a myriad other software to make learning more interactive.

The pandemic drove us full throttle into technology in the classroom. There was no halfway as educators and learners were always apart, joined only by a screen. The voice was the only way of registering our presence. The aura technology had in our minds went missing.

Then we thought may be the old system where educators and learners sat in front of one another is the best method, because it is wholly synchronous. They learnt and we taught. They had doubts and we cleared them.

Virtual learning too is synchronous, but with limitations. To work around these limitations, we have them do assignments, give worksheets to complete, and videos to make. Some handed in their assignments on time, some did not.

Those who did, came out better as they learnt a crucial skill---independent , a consequence of asynchronous learning. Without help and moderation, they excelled. The mushrooming of asynchronous learning management systems fostered it further.

It's true that getting help instantly is not possible in this mode, but it was taken care of by the virtual learning tools. Doubts were cleared in the online sessions. They were asked to complete the homework and hand in before they are due.

From all these experiments, we came out winners because we know. From now on, not using technology will not bother us because we’ve learnt what works---a mixture of both synchronous and asynchronous learning.

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