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No Mask - a wish from Prep Educator's heart

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

If you ever happened to have worked with children, you don’t need to tell me how dearly you miss them, because I know. I’ve worked with them for over 8 years and I tell you nothing can replace their innocent intelligence that quite often throws you off your feet.

These past months have really been harrowing for most of us to say the least. Though connected digitally, we have been torn apart as the closeness and the real feel for the experience has gone missing. “The Fizz” is missing in the schools across the world. The empty classrooms scream loudly as if to scare us. The funny banter and the uncontrollable giggles have given way to an eerie silence.

But of course, we are humans and we have this indomitable spirit in us that can see us through any trouble. The call of the hour has brought the best in us by giving our knowledge, creativity and innovation a new lease of life. They have brought us closer though apart. Even kindergartners have learnt how to leverage technology, surprising all of us.

And with technology, we’ve been fairly successful in keeping touch with our learners every day. Yes, every day. We meet every day online and start our day with a prayer. Then we move onto games, activities and a little learning that builds the blocks for the future. We’ve been keeping together with celebrations and virtual trips, giving learners an opportunity to mingle, at least online.

But we pray the situation becomes better. Whatever we do, no technology can replace the closeness of human interaction. There will always be that tiny something missing. In fact, one of my learners cried begging to go back to school so that she could see her friends face to face. They are so desperate to see their friends that they are willing to wear two masks. I hope by April, we’ll be back together with no mask at all.

- Fouziya Shaikh

(Jr.Kg Educator)

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