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Who’d thought that we’d wear masks when we step out our homes? Or wash our hands repeatedly with soap or sanitizer? But they’ve now become a part of our lives. These sweeping changes have touched education too. Overnight, teachers became a close family member who has access to all the rooms of a learner’s house. Conversely, the educator can no longer keep away from their duty as they are always available on call, on the phone, on WhatsApp or for that matter, any medium available.

While turning the world topsy-turvy, it’s forced us to go online, saving countless trees. Online exams, online classes, online everything has made learning accessible to anyone with a smartphone. Hitherto was a device for entertainment, it has now become a school, a training institute, a teacher to whom we turn to whenever we’re in doubt.

And the best part of this huge conundrum? We’ve become better educators, better learners, self-dependent and self-motivated. Newer and newer methods are being explored to make learning easier and more engaging. Now we do flipped classes with which learners learn by doing instead of listening passively. Multiplayer quizzes have replaced form based quizzes. Yes, within a year, we’ve moved from a non-engaging platform to something that hooks learners and makes them do it repeatedly.

The current scenario caused by the pandemic has led to a major revolution in the educational scenario across the globe. Online assessments is one of them, we’ve conducted online exams since the pandemic started. It is no secret that the conduction of offline exams is a huge task and involves days of effort in planning, management and execution. At present we use Google Meet. If the situation persists, I think we’ll bring in newer software which can automate invigilation requiring learners to stay on the same window and on camera throughout the entire duration of the exam.

Updation like this will definitely come in, considering how we’ve done in these past few months. We’ve done our best to improve and the quest for improvement will continue. With our drive to reach out to learners, we’ve brought about drastic and positive changes. With this new confidence and attitude, we know we can make our children independent, confident and life-long learners.

P. Madhavi

Math Educator

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