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Open House A.Y. 2020-21

In the beginning of the last session, we made a plan, like always. Activities, academics, extra-curriculars, games, everything was planned to the last detail. Then on March 22, came the thunderclap, a big one too. Schools had to be closed, because of a disease unheard of. Everyone was at loss, naturally.

But we were not to be deterred. We never are, whatever the challenge. We moved from classroom teaching to online teaching, overnight. Videos, Google link, WhatsApp class, camera, sound, light etc. gained parlance in the classroom. We even did football and drama online.

Every subject, every lesson, every topic, every activity, every competition was taught and done on time as per the plan we had made in the beginning of the session. Attendance was kept, examinations were held on time. It was as if the pandemic didn't hit us.

The Open House today was the culmination and result of all the efforts we put to keep learning on track. It was proof of the successful collaboration we had with parents and learners throughout the year. Patents came as usual to take stock of their wards' progress, and went away happily, ready for the new session. The number of visitors was high, in spite of the corona scare. The only unusual things were the masks, thermometers, oximeters and the sanitiser bottles. Everything went on as usual, because we are indomitable together and like the last year, we'll keep education unaffected this year too. This is our promise to you, and we are good at keeping a promise.

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