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Open House Day AY 2021-22

Another academic year has gone by with our learners graduating to the next grade. Today was the day of reckoning and we came to know where we stand, both as parents and educators and naturally, as students. This academic year was special because we started classes on online mode for a majority of the classes. Fortunately, we were back to in-person classes after Diwali.

Then came the annuals in March, which went on as usual. Today parents took stock of learners’ progress throughout the year. As usual, the school saw a healthy footfall. Parents could be seen conferring with educators about their children’s performance. Seeing the smiles on their faces, we could understand that we had done well. We have been able to deliver on the promises that we made at the beginning of AY 2021-22.

Now that the new session is starting, we make the same promises and wait for the next evaluation.

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