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Organic soap making workshop using temple waste

Parents of prep and primary learners attended a workshop conducted by Ms. Maitri Jariwala. She conducted the programme for parents of preschool and primary school learners where she demonstrated how to make organic soap using natural materials. They learned how to add colour and smell to the soaps using temple waste: flowers and fragrance.

The session was held in advance of Maker's Day. Every year, Maker's Day is observed to honour innovation, creativity, and commercial acumen on the birthday of late Trustee Mrs. Sunita Gajera, who left for her heavenly abode last year.

Ms. Maitri Jariwala, the resource person, has been working tirelessly in the field to promote organic business models that include the environment as well as profit. She is the founder of Begin with Flowers, a Surat-based organization.

Natural soap oils, butters, essential oils, botanicals, and, of course, lye are all used in the process. She showed what tools are needed to make soaps safely, as well as a few basic recipes, how to create your own formulas, and a demonstration of how to manufacture cold-process soap.

Making natural soap requires avoiding the use of any potentially harmful chemicals or those created using questionable substances or processes.

This implies no artificial colours, fragrances, or additions can be used to make natural soap. Fragrance oils, colours, glitter, and plastic embeds are all things a natural soap maker would avoid. Only flowers and other temple waste may be used.

While manufacturing organic soaps may not become a successful business venture for many, the process of creating something as useful can be immensely satisfying. So we encourage all to make soaps and join the competition with gusto.

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