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PEM- An opportunity to share

Finally, wonderful news for parents and students: the government has given the green light, and schools will reopen for grades 6 through 8. In Gujarat, students in grades 9 through 12 are already learning in a face-to-face setting. We invited parents to the PEM to inform them of the precautions we've implemented. They discussed and collected the results of their wards' performance in Unit Test 1.

The theme of today's parent-educator meeting was the discussion of their wards' performance in UT-1 for learners in grades 6 through 8. Another subject of focus was the upcoming half-yearly exam, which starts next week. With the CBSE's new SOPs, there appeared to be some worries concerning the examination pattern, which were quickly addressed. Parents were relieved to learn that school has resumed normal operations and that exams will be held in person.

Accolades were given out to boost the children's spirits, and new bonds were made with the parents of new enrollees, transforming the meeting into a springboard for the learner's development.

Parents stopped by the stalls set up by our learners who had made instructive working models & educational games. The games were intended to make learning more engaging for learners.

As schools reopened, we noted a sense of relief and joy among parents, as it signaled the return of normal days.

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