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Parents’ Orientation Session for Primary and Secondary 2021-22

While parents of new learners may not be considered as guests, we welcomed them as such as they are a new addition to the Gajera family. This has been a long standing tradition for us. We do it every year before the beginning of the new session to make them feel at home.

We want them to know that their wards are in the right hands and for the rest of their educational journey, we will handhold them with love and affection. We let them know that their wards’ education is of utmost importance to us as it is to them.

The orientations started with the prep graders’ parents on the 31st March of 2021 followed by the rest of the parents on the 3rd of April. Parents came to know of our pedagogical standards of the school, how they learn in a non-intrusive way making learning incidental. While young learners learn through play, the senior grades learn through projects. Our presenters made sure that parents leave with a confidence and assurance that their wards will be ready with all the necessary 21st century skills.

Apart from learning 21st century skills, they will also learn respect for nature, as we have started nature integration for all our grades in school. In fact, we are one of the firsts to make green education a part of our core curriculum. We let parents know that we are starting a terrace garden in our school which will further create an awareness about the need for sustainability, bio-diversity and ecological balance. We all are eagerly waiting for the 5th of April when we will see all our ideas in action.

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