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PEM: An Opportunity to Share

PEM sounds like a routine event that is held every month at GGS. However, for us, it offers us with an opportunity to connect with the parents of our learners with whose career and education they have trusted us, and so we look forward to it every time we have one. Besides, since schools have been closed due to the prolonged lockdown, we have been eager to have contact with them and we could not let any opportunity go by unused. So we decided to have it offline and allotted slots for them to visit at different times for the smooth conduction of the meet, with proper sanitization and social distancing norms in place. This PEM, we met not to discuss any grades but just to see one another and discuss the coming 1st Unit Test. Right from the prep grades to the tenth, we had discussions on how to engage learners better.

While we have been doing our best to deliver, we must admit that some limitations do exist in the online environment. In spite of that, we have kept education on the right track, and for that parents were generous with their appreciation. They showered us with praise for all the regular activities that are normally done only when school is open. But true to the never say die spirit of GGS, all of them were done, even online.

Yoga, career counseling sessions, Fit n Fine programs and the newly installed professional studio in the school were the highlights of the interaction with parents today. With education moving into the digital space today, parents welcomed the setting up of the studio in the school itself as it would help learners access lessons on their phones and laptops. Parents paid a visit to the studio to have a first-hand experience of how a recording is done in it.

Another highlight is the installation of the self-watering planters that can help retain moisture for as long as fifteen days. Parents visiting the school of the PEM were shown how these planters can be used to plant fruits and vegetables at home and even on the terrace. The novel idea presented to them sparked considerable interest in them. Many enthusiastic parents asked questions and learned how to implement the ideas at home.

With initiatives like these, we are driving change with which our learners will be ready for the competition later on, and in the coming months, we hope to have more offline interactions like today as the lockdown is expected to lift in the coming months.

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