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PEM: An Opportunity to Share

After the second partial lockdown, we’re happy to announce that the school is reopening. To let parents know of the measures we've adopted, we called parents to school for the PEM. They discussed their wards' performance in Unit Test 1 and collected the result. While many of you may be genuinely apprehensive about your wards' health, we assure you that we all are equally concerned and hence have taken extensive measures to keep children and our educators healthy and safe. As we saw last year, it's hard for children not to be in school buildings. On an average, we would say that the experience of reopening school districts with mitigation measures is encouraging and bodes well for the reopening of schools.

The focus of today’s parent-educator meet was the discussion of their wards’ performance in UT-1 for learners of grades 1st through 10th. For Pre-primary & grade 11th learners, the discussion hovered around the upcoming examination starting next week. Parents were happy to learn that school life is coming back to normal and that examinations will be held in person. Accolades were given away to boost learner’s morale, relationships were forged with parents of new enrolments turning the meeting into a springboard to promote improvement in learners. We observed a certain relief and delight in parents about the reopening of schools for Secondary & Higher Secondary section as it is a sign of normal days coming back. We hope that the disease has been effectively contained and there will be no more confinements.

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