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PEM: June 2022

Parent-educator meetings are melting points of minds and ideas as learners, educators and parents come together to device concrete plans for the learners’ future. As today's PEM was held before the 1st periodic test scheduled for July 2022, it was more of an information sharing meeting than a review meeting. Parents were informed of the syllabus and paper pattern for the coming examination.

Apart from the coming examination, parents were also shown learners’ projects, the most notable of which was the GGS Bazaar. Learners of 11th commerce sold white labelled products in the Bazaar as part of their curriculum. The hands-on approach gave them a real-life experience of how book keeping and accounts work.

Conducted for grades 1st through 12th, the meeting had a great turnout as usual thanks to the vast number of parents who attended. The involvement of parents is essential for good academic performance. Their participation gives the triangle its final piece and its foundation. Therefore, the great turnout today will motivate us to put in more effort to fulfil our commitment of educating our students for the workplace of the future. That is a fully attainable objective with your help. Parents thanked us for our efforts as the meeting came to a successful conclusion.

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