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Pet to Love

Students of grades 1 through 5 went on an expedition to a petting farm, as part of their monthly school trip. As a way of bonding with the animals, the farm allows visitors to pet them, which promotes compassion and empathy for all creatures and species. The goal of the trip was for children to develop a better understanding of animals by viewing them up close and learning to empathize with them, no matter what the species or the size.

The excursion was a part of the school’s adopted UNSDG goal number 15, that promotes the protection and restoration of ecologies, prevention of desertification and the loss of biodiversity. To achieve these sustainable goals one needs to cultivate a certain respect for all animals and creatures. With this love and empathy, these goals will never be achieved.

By giving our learners an opportunity to touch animals and feel how loving and lovable they are, we hope to create a sensitive generation of adults that will actively work towards a positive change.

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