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Prayas Planet Us: Awareness session for Uttarayan festival

One person’s pleasure can affect somebody’s adversity. In fact, all our actions affect someone, either positively or negatively. Raising skyscrapers is profitable for the construction company, but not for the environment. Similarly, plastic is useful sometimes for us but it is equally harmful for the environment. The festivals we celebrate also cause harm to our animal friends. You guessed it right --- firecrackers and kites, Diwali and uttarayan.

So what do we do? Stop having fun? No. We can have the cake and eat it too. We can have fun as well as keeping our friends safe. Some of us are rising up to the occasion. Prayas is one such organisation which is collaborating with school-children to help injured birds during uttarayan. They visited GGS 20th December, 2021 and showed our learners how to have fun and at the same time, save birds.

Learners were acquainted with first-aid available for them. They had a hands-on session with Prayas and learnt how to lend a helping hand. Learners expressed their willingness to be a part of the mission and enrolled themselves. If children are sensitized like this, birds and others animals will definitely thrive

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