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Quality Education: A Passport to the Future Workforce

Day before yesterday, students from several Gajera Trust schools got together for a group discussion competition to talk about quality education, a crucial factor that affects someone's career and quality of life. The final round of the inter-school was held today at Gajera Global School so that students could speak up about what they expected from the educational system.

Quality Education is one of the seventeen goals that have been set by the UN for all the nations in the world. We believe that this goal needs our full attention since, without quality education, the current generation won't be adequately prepared for the demands of the workforce in the future.

The competition was held in two different categories, one for learners aged 12 through 14 years, and the other for 15 through 17. Each category was further subdivided into English and Gujarati mediums.

The fourth of the seventeen goals is the most important one because it has a significant impact on how well the others will perform. Whether it is gender equality, zero hunger, good health and well being, clean water and sanitation, quality education is the key. Only the educated understand how to work together and contribute to ending hunger; they are the only ones who understand how to take care of their health and the importance of gender equality. Today’s competition, hightlighted its crucial nature and gave everyone a reminder about our priorities.

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