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Reading Club @GGS

Updated: Nov 13, 2021

"Reading edifies the Mind, Heart and Soul"

When we talk about reading books, we run the risk of being called trite and cliché—book reading improves vocabulary, it improves cognitive skills, improves attention and what not! But aren’t these skills and qualities important? Aren’t these the qualities that we need to have a good career, a better job or a fulfilling life? Yes, they are the skills that make the foundation of something great.

Some may claim to learn better from a video, or an audiobook. With YouTube, anyone wanting to learn anything under the sun can find awesome resources and information on the selected topic. Want to enjoy a bestseller? Audible will take you to a world of mystery and imagination. Some of these videos and audiobooks have been made so professionally that, they seem to be an alternative to books.

But, here’s the catch—listening to or watching a programme is largely passive. Think of this scenario—you’re listening to an enticing story of Harry Potter and his exploits and unwittingly, you down packets of popcorn and maybe sweetened drinks stored in your fridge. Along with enjoying Potter’s exploits, you’re feasting on extra carbs and oil your body doesn’t need.

Now try reading a book. The same book. You’ll notice a significant increase of your attention levels, you have learnt and retained more words than you could when you were listening or watching a video, and most importantly, you controlled your eating. No extra carbs or sweetened drinks invaded your body. With the new words learnt you feel intellectually better. And I believe, being more intelligent and smarter always helps in the long run. You find solutions faster, solve problems more creatively and live a happy life.

If any of these are our goals, then we must pick up a book and start reading it. Discard the TV, limit your exposure to social media. Get some books and happy reading.

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