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Recap, Revisit and Relearn: The Shift from Lesson to Child

Gone are the days when the teacher was the source of knowledge, when children looked up to them for information, knowledge and often, wisdom. They would show us what, the how, we had to figure out by trial and error. We used to be under constant watchful eye of the benevolent yet strict teacher.

But the information age has entirely changed this educator-learner relationship. Teachers are no longer the source of knowledge and information, but facilitators who make learning easier, faster, and more incidental than labourious. The stress is more on collaboration to reach a common goal, effective communication for teamwork, creativity in the assessment system, critical thinking and connectedness across disciplines.

To be able to take this kind of multidisciplinary approach, educators take the help of art and nature integration in their subjects. Integration with unrelated disciplines come easy only through creativity and connectedness. This multidisciplinary approach through activities brings fore fun and engagement in the 21st century learner, who in many ways are better informed and better equipped.

To stay updated to tackle this smart generation of AI conversant learners, continuous updation of educators has become imperative. With this in view, Gajera Global School organises teachers’ training programme every six months at its premises. The training programmes range from green education through art integration to communication through financial literacy and information technology. From 7 to 10 November, the training programme helped educators recap, revisit and rethink the way they have been delivering lessons in class so that the focus shifts from the lesson to the child’s acquiring education and skills. With continuous educational programmes like this, we will be able to give our children a secure and sustainable future.

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